Faizel and Zahara Rawji
We were so pleased with our experience using Stella Price as our agent. Stella’s staff are professional and thoughtful. We listed our house on two occasions with Stella. The first time we listed our place, Stella brought us an offer and our family circumstance changed. When I told Stella that we no longer want to sell our house, she immediately removed the listing, reassured us that there is absolutely no pressure for us to complete our contract and then sent us a bouquet of flowers. We were touched with her level of understanding and compassion. The second time we listed our house, Stella suggested a price that we were very happy with. Stella was able to sell our house at full price! She guided us through the negotiation process and made sure that we got top dollar. Upon our move, we realized the value of her experience as she spaced out the moving days, thought of the time of month in which we were moving and made sure she negotiated days and terms that worked for our family. Stella is a tenacious negotiator, a skilled and thoughtful agent and someone I would want on my side when making a real estate transaction.